Dalmore Gran Reserva

The Dalmore Gran Reserva Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky
40% ABV/80 Proof
Widely Available

What the Distillery Says:
The Gran Reserva offers a lively, youthful expression of malt whisky derived from the combination of 60 percent sherry wood and 40 percent American white oak-aged malts ranging from 10 to 15 years of age. The sherry cask proportion is increased to around 60 percent, delivering an intense citrus and spicy
experience with balancing sweet, vanilla finish.

Color: Mahogany, trending toward soft gold hues, rather than amber.
Nose: Firm; spirituous. Pleasing citric notes dominate the forceful bouquet, which is balanced by soft shadings of sherry and vanillin oak.
Taste: Distinctive malt flavors predominate at first, before yielding to sweet marmalade and spice cake. Hints of roasted coffee and dark chocolate complete an almost classic, single malt expression characteristic of The Dalmore.
Finish: Ripe oranges and lemon peel provide the zesty, top notes to a moderate finish with a kiss of peat.

What Richard Says:
Nose: A fine steakhouse dinner with orange zest. A heavy cabernet or malbec with perfectly broiled New York strip. There’s a meaty character that plays well with the sherry.
Palate: Sweet and zesty initially. It settles well in the mouth and reminds me of espresso and cocoa powder.
Finish: The finish is smooth with a little of that citrus zest. That meaty/sherry playfulness from the nose lingers in the throat.
Comments: A few years ago Dalmore went through a rebranding. Bottles were changes, expressions were rotated, bottling proofs moved a little. The Gran Reserva is the spiritual successor to the old Cigar Malt. I miss the Cigar Malt. It was a personal favorite. However, it was a bit sweeter than the Gran Reserva. As my appreciation for fine cigars has grown I realize the Gran Reserva is actually a better accompaniment. It flows in nicely next to the cigar rather that vying for attention.
Rating: Stands Out

What Matt Says:
Matt has not had a chance to review this whisky yet.

Our thanks to Laura with The Baddish Group for providing us with review samples.