Evan Williams Single Barrel 2000

Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Single Barrel Vintage 2000, Barrel No. 438
43.3% ABV/86.6 Proof
$25 to $30
Available nationwide

What the Distillery Says:
This Bourbon was personally selected by our Master Distiller, only after meeting his exacting standards for this vintage. Taken from a single barrel, it is the purest achievement of the Bourbon making art. Bottled unblended with other barrels to preserve its individuality. Hand-numbered as a sign of its limited availability.

What Richard Says:
Nose: Fresh grass, wildflowers, and butter on the nose.
Palate: The palate is very clean and subdued. Vanilla notes stand out and it is overall creamy, oaky, and infinitely drinkable.
Finish: A little sweetness clings to the oak on the finish and plays around with a slight bit of spice too. Mild and very enjoyable.
Comments: Evan Williams has released vintages every year beginning in 1986 through 2000 at around the 10 year old mark. The quality has varied over the years as can be expected but this year’s vintage is something really nice. Generally speaking, the vintage bottling tends to be some of the best stuff coming out of Heaven Hill in the 10 year age range for each given vintage. I really enjoyed this dram. It’s not particularly bold or unique but it is sinfully drinkable and at this price why not buy two.
Rating: Stands Out, Great Value

What Matt Says:

Matt has not had a chance to review this whiskey yet.

4 thoughts on “Evan Williams Single Barrel 2000”

  1. I finally picked up a bottle. Barreled on 12/4/2001, barrel #169, bottled on 1/11/2011. I am really enjoyinh this one! Thanks Richard!

  2. The EV SB varies from year to year. 2000 was one of the best vintages I’ve had. I have a bottle of the 2001 but I have yet to spend much time with it.

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