Buffalo Trace Releases Canadian Whisky?

Straight on the heels of Richard’s momentous discovery that Buffalo Trace is now available in Atlanta, John Hansell breaks news that the Sazerac Company (makers of Buffalo Trace and countless other fine spirits) will have two new Canadian whiskies on store shelves by the end of the month.  How can an American distillery release a Canadian whisky, you may be asking.  Well, the answer is simple.  The Sazerac Company acquired some Canadian whisky stocks (no word on the source) and now they are making them available.  I have to say that I’m torn about this news.  As you well know, Richard and I are not huge fans of Canadian-style whiskies.  The only Canadian whisky we really enjoy comes from Forty Creek which is hardly Canadian-style despite meeting all the requirements to be called “Canadian Whisky.”  We are however, fans of Buffalo Trace Distillery on a level bordering religious zealotry.  So, we have to give these a try.  The two whiskies will be Caribou Crossing Single Barrel ($49.99) and Royal Canadian Small Batch ($29.99).  For the full press release and some pictures (including the ridiculously campy Caribou Crossing bottle), check out WDJK.  Some of you may have also noticed that Crown Royal announced a new expression recently (Crown Royal Black).  We will try that one at some point too.  I’m all for the idea of a bolder/richer Canadian whisky.  It certainly can’t get less bold…

Drink well, drink responsibly.