Do you has?*

Do you think you have what it takes to be a master distiller/blender?  Can you rack a days worth of whiskey single-handed after spending hours on the malt floor?  Do you have the fortitude to sample a hundred barrels and still make it to the pub for a dram and a pint?  If you can think you are (wo)man enough to handle all this and more, do I have a contest for you.

Bushmills has come up with possibly the best contest idea ever.  You can win 30 days at Bushmills distillery working along side Master Distiller Colum Egan.  All you have to do is enter here:  You will need to submit a statement and a video plea.  The top entrants will be narrowed down through online votes.  The winners of the first round will compete in a three day Bushcamp where they will be subjected to the “Master’s Challenge”.  The winner at Bushcamp will be crowned the global winner and spend 30 days at the distillery.

Good luck, readers!


*apologies to Homestarrunner