Last Minute Gift Ideas

Everybody seems to be posting their ideas for whisk(e)y related holiday gifts.  While I’m hoping for some of Diageo’s Special Release Caol Ila 10yo (Unpeated), I figured it would be nice to share what some of our friends in the blogosphere are suggesting.

Dr. Whisky has  a very comprehensive list that includes books.  The Edinburgh Whisky Blog has some great ideas with a European bent (alas, some of it is not available in the U.S.).  John Hansell opens his suggestions up to the readers of What Does John KnowThe Dizzy Fizz even gets into the game with gifts for your favorite cocktail crafter or mixologist (or whatever they are calling themselves these days).

And just for the hell of it, here’s a Whisky Eggnog recipe for you to try.

Happy holidays folks!


4 thoughts on “Last Minute Gift Ideas”

  1. So, did you manage to get your hands on a bottle of CI 10 Unpeated over the Holidays? I hope so…it’s definitely worth trying!


  2. Managed to get distracted. Hopefully, I can still find some. I was actually thinking about it on the way home from work.

  3. Finally picked up that bottle of Caol Ila. It’s all that you say it is. I can see why John Hansel didn’t rate it in the 90’s (88 is not bad though). It’s complex in it’s own way, but not the way people normally think. I’m really enjoying it and hoping to get a formal review up soon. I’m actually grateful to John for not rating it higher. Any time he gives something with a limited release over a 90, it disappears from shelves in NY very quickly.

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