More Japanese Whisky Coming Stateside

I was reading through my daily dose of whiskey industry news this more and I came across a note in John Hansell’s blog about a Japanese blend coming to the US.  Suntory is releasing the 12 year old Hibiki blend to the U.S.  on October 1st.  You can get additional details on the whisky here.

For those who haven’t had a chance to try any of the great spirits coming from the land of the Rising Sun then you are missing out.  But given the few bottlings that make it here who can blame you.  Right now you can find Yamazaki 12 and 18 year old and that’s about it unless you have an exceptional specialist retailer near you.  I tried these first at WhiskyFest NY back in 2007 and I was really amazed.  Especially with the 18 year old.  So it is with a good bit of excitement that I’m awaiting the new Hibiki release from Suntory.  Hopefully some will make it down to Atlanta but if not I’ll have to have Matt score me a bottle.

2 thoughts on “More Japanese Whisky Coming Stateside”

  1. This is truly exciting news. If the Yamazaki line is any indicator, this Suntory blend will be something. I still think the Yamazaki 12yo is one of the best deals in Single Malt Whisky. This fall will be a great time for world whiskies in the US. We get single malts from India and Australia in September and this blend from Japan in October. Anyone else want to throw their hat in the ring? I’m talking to you Germany, Spain, Austria, Brittany (France), and anyone else who’s listening.

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